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Amsterdam Bike Rental



Starting at just €5, hiring a bike in Amsterdam is truly essential

Bike rental prices for reliable and sturdy city cycles


1 hour

For that quick trip to the coffee shop and back. 

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3 hours

For that morning trip along the canals to the museum. 

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1 day

Unbeatable value for a full day of two wheeled bliss.

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Optional insurance available when you collect your bike.


Bike types

Whether it's a trusty city bike, the easy cruise of an electric bike or a visit the flower fields, touring bike look no further for your two-wheeled transportation

Bike Fixing
Bicycle Equipment
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A bike that works for you.

Classic bikes available with pedal brakes, hand brakes, child seats and more.

Perfect for longer rides.


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The most common rental periods are 3 hours, 3 hours and 1 day
Simply choose your shop, book and ride off


Black Bikes

Amsterdam bike rental

14 shop location across Amsterdam, all bikes custom built in Holland.

Rates start at €6.50 for 3 hours


Discount Bike Rental

Amsterdam bike rental

Proudly no-frills, bikes come in any colour you like as long as it's black.

Rates start at €7.50 for 1 day



Amsterdam bike rental

MacBike has been hiring out bicycles in Amsterdam for over 30 years. Five, convenient city center shop locations.

Rates start at €5 for 1 hour


Why Rent a Bike?

Amsterdam by bike, it just makes sense

Cheap & Hassle-free

Environmentally Friendly

Avoid Crowded Transportation


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